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Fun in the sun and snow can be deadly on your beach bums and facial cheeks so cover up with a minimum spf 30. Skin cancer is no laughing matter and is a condition that is unsightly and painful. An SPF minimum 30 is so easy to use, first thing in the morning. Once your body has had it on itself it cannot reabsorb it again till the next day so make sure you but it on thick and use the highest SPF first. You will not need to reapply it unless you sweat like a pig or spend more then 2 minutes in the water. A good quality SPF has active ingredients in it and do die out after time so check your expiry dates on your products. Also using 2 different bottles to total an SPF 30 will not work your skin will only absorb the first SPF product what ever the number is that will be all the protection you will get that day do not fool yourself by thinking you will be protected because you are using more and more product hoping to get a higher SPF your skin cant count only your brain can, so it is the first single application that really counts for the day so make it count. 








If you have a vitamin D deficiency talk to your doctor as to when, how long, and what areas of your body need sun exposure and how long you should be in the sun without using SPF. Vitamin D is a crucial element for a healthy body and with the increased use of SPF we are reading of a higher increase in vitamin D deficiency, which is what our skin absorbs from the sun. So try and keep in mined we all need to have a healthy balance between a good amount of sun and to much, which will all depend on how much vitamin D we are getting every day whether its from the sun or from what we eat. Only a blood test can tell you what your vitamin D level is.






Well it's all in what state of mind you are in at any given moment. If you are stress free, and  worry free, you will more then likely enjoy jumping and running around nude.

Presently Nude Aerobics is more then you think or less then you think. Everything  here is something that will help you with nudity and or aerobics or may give you some ideas to help you with your own type of nude aerobics. It seems everyone has their own idea of what nude aerobics is or should be.

NUDE AEROBICS? People ask me where is Nude Aerobics? ... I say, I don't know, is there such a thing... "for real"? Or is it just another 'porn ploy'.   


All you need to get started is the 

Bare Necessities Full Figure Fashion



 What Tan lines?